Welcome to our delicious Cooks Collective Companion. You’ll love the vast recipe library and useful, entertaining cooking tutorials. It’s made for all home cooks to enjoy.

Tracey Cotterell

Founder & Teacher

This certainly isn’t a regular cooking website!

This membership grants you access to Tracey Cotterell’s mind! A mind brimming with the kind of intel home cooks dream about.


The Cooks Collective is the culmination of 40 years of training and cooking, the past 24 spent teaching others how to master enjoyment and success for their own kitchen.


It’s the cooking companion to Matters of Taste, Tracey’s beloved cooking school in Western Australia. Dive in head first whenever you care to and cook from the wide range of recipes with tutorial videos or paddle around in the shallows improving your kitchen know-how.


Borne of a desire to reach as many people as possible and teach home cooks the art of intuitive cooking with confidence.

Amazing Recipes at Your Finger Tips

Watch entertaining tutorial videos to improve techniques and skills. Cook from the amazing range of recipes designed and developed by the cooking school team. Laugh along with Tracey  as she chops and sizzles with her trademark warmth and humour. She’ll even answer any vexing cooking questions if you still have them after watching the video!

Join us in our virtual kitchen, we think you’ll love The Cooks Collective as much as Tracey loves sharing her knowledge.


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  • Always a delight being a client of Matters of Taste. Great ideas and service with a passion for using WA products and buying local .
    Stephen – Mt Hawthorn WA
  • Oooh my, am I excited. Exceedingly Good Pie and Tart Class has come to me via The Collective!. Which video to watch first, Mmm… go on then, the Chicken, Leek and Bacon Pie. Thank you for bringing this class to those who can’t attend!
    Cathy – TAS
  • I’m a complete newby and spend so much on eating out and Uber eats, so I’m currently try to learn to cook for myself. Thanks for listening to what I need and producing videos on kitchen set up and pantry essentials. Really enjoying your videos so far.
    Matt – WA
  • I have no hesitation in saying that I feel The Cooks Collective it is very good value for money as the scope for content is vast. Everything is so very well produced. You cater for a wide variation of abilities and tastes and I’m thrilled to be able to take on board your teaching from afar.
    Elsa – N.Z.
  • You girls make me smile, I’m delighted by your humour and promise of more fabulous recipes.
    Kate – WA
  • I attended several of your cooking classes in the late 90's. I love your recipes and still use them. I decided I needed to ramp up my Domestic Goddess skills and I knew who could help me. Thankyou for The Cooks Collective... so glad you are still in business!
    Julie – WA